"I guess it's your turn to save me now..."

NAME Jack Lee
AGE 22
DOB December 30, 1996

HEIGHT 5'10"
BUILD Tall, Lean
HAIR Brown, Blonde
EYES Light Brown, Gray, Light Blue

Jack used to walk with a swagger that showed undeniable confidence. But because of his driving accident, he now walks with a slight limp on his right leg. He keeps his hair long and alternates between brown and blonde. He likes wearing contact lenses to up his ante and his fashion sense is always on point. He has multiple piercings: Two on his left ear and three on his right ear. He wears a Chrome Hearts ring on a chain around his neck although sometimes--especially when he's with Christian--he prefers to wear it around his finger.

Star Swimmer for Huntington Beach High School (Best Time: 19:43, 50-Yard Freestyle Varsity, Division 4 Meet);
Freestyle/Backstroke Swimmer for Gardner University (Best Time: 47:23, 100-Yard Backstroke, 2017 Patriot League Championships)
Black and white, portraiture, architectural, fine art, fashion, and food photography; Film - Leica M6 Rangefinder Film Camera; Digital - Canon EOS 80D
Appeared in editorial profiles (#16 in Vogue Korea's 100 Young Creatives List), fashion editorials, and advertorials; Contributed as a photographer in lifestyle editorials
Hip-hop, freestyle, house, k-pop, lyrical jazz
Indie films, support cast for musical stages, TV commercials

After graduating from Gardner University in 2018 with a degree in Drama and a minor in Dance, Jack struggled for about a year with failed auditions. He faced rejection after rejection because his Asian looks served very little purpose in a whitewashed entertainment industry. He went from Boston theater houses to various Hollywood agencies, searching for his big break only to find himself landing minor roles in musical plays and TV commercials. To make matters worse, he got the ire of his parents who reminded him that he wouldn't have had a hard time if he followed their wishes, which was to fulfill his swimming scholarship at Harvard and get a business degree.

Towards the end of 2019, Jack found himself exhausted and depressed, leaning onto his boyfriend and his cousin Milo for support. He turned to photography to escape boredom and to find some sense of purpose. When his friend Jae (also Milo's boyfriend) graduated from Gardner, Jack decided to drop his acting efforts altogether and took up his cousin's offer to relocate to South Korea.

In Seoul, Jack reconnected with the relatives his parents chose to hide from him. Learning his family's history through Milo gave him a better understanding of his parents--their struggles and the challenges they had to endure to give him a peaceful life. He started calling his parents more, had made an effort to listen to them and make them feel loved despite the distance. He studied Hangul while freelancing as a photographer and his clientele started to grow when people realized he was the missing Lee cousin. Later on, he met his cousin Taejin who jumpstarted his modeling career through his connections in Vogue Korea.

At the moment, Jack is taking a break from both modeling and photography while he's recovering from a car crash.

+ Creative, visual, inspired, experimental, original, enthusiastic, likes learning with his senses, funny, passionate, full of surprises, observant, sweet, loyal
- Vain, crazy, flashy, narcissistic, loud, unapologetic, shallow, insenstive, out of focus, impatient, easily bored, takes criticisms to heart, emotional, clingy, possesive


APPEARANCE Jack owes his sinewy figure to genetics and swimming. His height, great shoulders, and perfect proportions made stylists and fashion designers swoon. His small face, v-shaped jawline, piercing gaze, tall nose and thin lips accentuated with a perfect cupid's bow also sparked the interest of magazine editors. He's got an unnoticeable scar on his left cheek, a few surgical scars on his hands, and a scar on his forehead near his scalp which he hides behind his long, stylish bangs. He also has a scar that ran down his right leg due to the surgery he got when his leg got fractured by the accident.

LIKES Art, museums, plays, Gucci, iced coffee, lollipops, jacuzzis, pools, beaches, gossip, murder mysteries, history books, sageuk dramas, photography, rocky road ice cream, skinny jeans, cars racing, cigarettes, booze, basketball, softball, baseball, parties, cats, dogs, cuddles

DISLIKES Vanilla ice cream, plain white shirts, veggies, boring people, marshmallows, books, fist fights, dark rooms, confined spaces, sleeping alone, racing, hospitals, drugs

KINKS Praise and body worship, kissing, role play, voyeurism, choking, rough sex, leashes and collars, begging, licking, hair pulling, oral sex, power play, biting and hickeys, cuffs and blindfolds

LIMITS Threesomes, spanking, flogging, caning, whipping (basically anything that would bruise and leave horrible marks), suspensions, bondage or full-body immbolization, blood play, knife play, bathroom play, cross-dressing, clothes play, humiliation


xrcheung - mentor; kkang - sister-in-law; parkjs - hyung; kcbae - college schoolmate; krscods - college schoolmate; genehart - college schoolmate; mrmin - idol; pys - noona; yunamoon - friend; camilaeliza - friend; stephhobbes - friend from high school

ckang - boyfriend; jaescott - best friend; songt - hyung; ryujin - hyung; suwon - friend; kwangsu - savior doctor; gunsoo - hyung; taejin - cousin; kwonhaneul - friend; parkja - hyung; kyuhyunn - hyung

mjlee - cousin; joeymorgan - hyung; pennyz - best friend; kwonjunseo - hyung; yuri - friend; daekwan - hyung; minakim - noona; kylelym - idol; parkkyungsoo - friend; stellajones - friend mentor therapist; yjb - go-to vet; jungjinjee - friend; moonnamil - hyung; parkjeno - hyung

leeryan - hyung; kihyunn - idol

  • Lee Da-min and Na Sin met in the 1980's during the Gwangju Uprising. Sin was an onlooker while Da-min was a Chonnam University student who got fatally injured when the riot broke out. Sin took Da-min to her house, a modest bungalow that housed a poor family of six children. When the dust has settled and his wounds have healed, Da-min decided to leave Gwangju City with the promise to meet Sin again someday. Six years later, Da-min went back to Gwangju to ask for Sin's hand. They got married despite protests from the powerful Lee family.
  • Two years after they got married, Da-min's self-made food and beverage company grew. Childless, they quietly severed ties with the Lee family and migrated to the United States under the guise of expanding their business. No one from the Lee family heard from the couple for almost two decades until Da-min's brother Ji-hwan died of cancer.
  • It took three miscarriages before Da-min (now known as Damian Lee) and Sin (now known as Cynthia Lee) had Jack. They were in their late 30's and were living in Huntington Beach, California with a food empire that amassed millions of dollars for them and their future heir. Because of this, Jack was loved dearly and spoiled rotten growing up.
  • Jack only had a vague idea of his relatives on his mother's side because most of them already died in Gwangju during the political unrest. Damian never spoke about his family, although he kept family heirlooms that bore the Lee crest around the house. The lack of relatives, of history, and the countless hours spent alone at home while his parents were out for work turned Jack into a very lonely kid. He never really felt like he belonged anywhere.
  • In middle school, Jack's parents decided he needed after-school activities so he could make friends (and not notice their absence). They got him into sports clinics and, later on, expensive swimming lessons with top-notch instructors, which allowed him to enter the school's varsity team. It gained him popularity and a sense of belonging, two things he had always secretly craved.
  • Aside from swimming, Jack's physique changed greatly when puberty hit him in high school. He got taller and had started gaining more weight and getting toned in all the right places. His jawline became more pronounced, his hair grew faster. He started dressing more often, styled his hair differently every school year, got piercings and went out with the jocks at school. Many took notice. Even the juniors and the seniors at school (boys and girls alike) started flirting with him. It wasn't long before he was labeled a player, and he was absolutely unapologetic about it.
  • Jack became more carefree and lazy with his academics. He only passed his subjects because he needed to maintain a certain average to remain in the swim team. The only subject he really dedicated his time and effort to was History. He was fascinated by facts and figures, dates and people. He got excited over researching and investigating and tracing roots and causes of specific happenings in time. He got obsessed with art and bizarre murder mysteries, but he never really talked about it to anyone until he met his best friend.
  • Jack met his best friend in Drama Club when he played the role of Asian!Edward in a musical parody of Twilight. Christian, a small, nerdy kid who was the technical director of the play, did all sorts of funny tricks with the lighting to make sure Jack "sparkled" the whole damn time.
  • Soon enough Jack found himself hanging out with Christian and defending him against bullies. It was an odd pairing--the drama-loving swimming jock and the dancing artsy tech nerd--but no one really seemed to mind. He helped Christian break out of his shell by shopping for him and inviting him to hang out with the cool kids at school. For Jack, it was like a social experiment of some sorts. But it also brought them closer together that Jack developed some sort of physical and emotional dependence on him, a fact that bothered almost all of the people he got into short-term relationships with.
  • Jack and Christian took a break from school after their high school graduation. While Jack was trying to figure out what to do and whether to commit to Harvard's swim team, Christian busied himself with a tech diploma at the community college.
  • Once while hanging out at Christian's house, Jack found a suspicious looking printout under the mess of clothes and school stuff. It was a pamphlet for Gardner University which was handed to Christian by one of his mother's friends who was an alumnus of the school. Christian said he wanted to go because he heard they had a great art program. And maybe it was because of that. Maybe it was because Jack didn't want to go separate ways with him after graduation. Maybe it was because of the location of the school. For some odd reason, Gardner piqued Jack's interest big time.
  • Damian and Cynthia refused to send their son to Salem because Jack had been offered a Harvard athletic scholarship and it would be a waste of money to send him somewhere else. But Jack wouldn't budge. After a year of bumming and whining and doing odd jobs here and there, Jack finally packed his bags and left home to head to Salem with Christian because for the first time in his life he finally knew exactly what he wanted to be, and where he wanted to belong.
  • Jack enrolled as an Ebedi at Gardner and was shocked, even terrified, when he found out about the school's true nature and what his scholarship entailed. But what he thought was a hellish experience turned out to be a life-changing one when Christian offered to be his Adonus. The saving act brought them closer and towards the end of their sophomore year, their relationship flourished into something more than friends or master and slave.
  • Jack accidentally met his long-lost cousin Milo at Gardner in his sophomore year. He recognized the cufflinks that had the Lee family crest on it and since then the two had been inseparable. Milo served as the link to the past Jack didn't know his family had and pretty soon they've forged a strong bond along with Christian and Jae, Milo's Ebedi and boyfriend.
    MOTHER Na Sin/Cynthia Lee, Vice President and COO of Lee Corp.
    FATHER Lee Da-min/Damian Lee, President and CEO of Lee Corp.
    OTHER FAMILY Milo Lee (cousin); Taejin Lee (cousin); Minjae Lee (undiscovered cousin)
    SPOUSE Christian Kang (future)

    BIRTHPLACE Huntington Beach, CA
    2014-2018 Salem, MA and Boston, MA
    2018-2019 Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA
    CURRENTLY IN Seoul, South Korea

    MAY 18, 1980
    Lee Da-min and Na Sin's first meeting in Gwanju, South Korea during the historic Gwangju Uprising riot at Chonnam University
    Da-min and Sin's wedding in Seoul; Food and beverage company, Lee Corp. foundation
    Da-min and Sin's migration and severance from the Lee clan; Lee Corp. expansion to the US and European market
    Jack's birth
    Jack's preschool to elementary years at Carden Conservatory Elementary School
    Jack's middle school years at Dwyer Ethel Middle School; Start of Jack's swimming training and junior competitions
    Jack's high school years at Huntington Beach High School
    Jack and Christian's gap year
    Jack and Christian's freshman and sophomore years at Gardner University; Jack's entry to collegiate level swimming competitions; Jack and Milo's accidental meeting
    JULY 8, 2016
    Start of Jack and Christian's relationship
    Jack and Christian's junior and senior years at Gardner University; Jack's college graduation (BA in Drama, minor in Dance)
    Start of Jack's acting career
    Jack, Christian, Jae, and Milo's relocation to South Korea; Start of Jack's freelance photography career
    Start of Jack's freelance modeling career
    APRIL 22, 2020
    Jack's car accident