"Sunny... Actually. It's Sunny now."

NAME Cheung Xu-ri / Sunny Cheung
AGE 34
DOB August 18, 1984

BUILD Petite
HAIR Black
EYES Dark Brown

There's a certain air of luxury and regalness about her that often made people stare the moment Sunny entered a room. Perhaps it was the apparent wealth or her striking look that leaves a deep impression. Sunny doesn't dress to impress people, but she had been trained to act and look respectable and modest wherever she went. After leaving home, however, Sunny began stretching her limits and experimenting with her looks. Her style evolved into something that highlighted her curves and long legs. Her dresses have gotten shorter, her necklines lower. She now has two tattoos in hidden areas of her body though she has no qualms showing those off with risque clothing every once in a while. On the other hand, her striking looks tend to shadow her personality. People often think that she's snobbish and cold but once you got to know Sunny you would know her for her caring yet lonesome personality.

Foreign Languages
Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, French, Korean
Financial Management, Business Economics
Martial Arts
Wushu, Karate
Other Talents
Cooking, singing, dancing, guitar, piano

After four years of teaching Foreign Language at Gardner University ans waiting for an opportunity to teach Business School subjects to no avail, Sunny felt the aching need for a change. She felt like she was drfting, living in comfort instead of making the most out of what she had. For someone who cherished quiet times, Sunny started feeling lonely. This was punctuated by her fellow teachers quietly shunning her, her friends and favorite students graduating, and her brother becoming more and more distant.

She's started talking to her family less and less, began going out more for blinddates and dinners with friends in Boston. It was a way of coping with the increasing loneliness, the insecurities that plagued her, the existential questions that kept her up at night. Perhaps it was the onset of a midlife crisis. Or a sudden epiphany. Whatever it was, Sunny was sure she wasn't really okay though shehad every reason to be.

Just before he left for Korea, she and Milo had a talk about her current situation. He told her to travel, to make the most of her time and resources to find herself, to get away from the things that are weighing her down just like he did when he left for Korea. So Sunny started traveling more and more. In the span of one year she managed to travel to Paris, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, and South Korea. It was in Seoul that she reconnected with an old Harvard friend who told her about the open taching post at Sungkyunkwan University's School of Business. It was like a lightbulb moment, the idea that she might actually be able to build a happy life in South Korea.

She extended her stay in order to apply and learn Hangul basics. Then she shuttled back to Massachusetts to send in her resignation. No matter what happens, Sunny thought, she would stop lying to herself from now on. She would not regret. She would be happy. A few months later she received an invitation to teach Financial Management at Sungkyunkwan University. Now, Sunny's living in Seoul with her dog Chewy and had reconnected with her friends Milo, Jack, and Christian. She's also dating her former fiance, Gunsoo, whose parents, unbknownst to her, were killed by her own father.

+Strategic, intelligent, classy, knowledgeable, polyglot, independent, self-made, confident, hardworking, determined, talented, open-minded, systematic, analytical, insightful, wise
-Headstrong to a fault, insensitive, argumentative, brutal, lonesome, arrogant, perfectionistic, upright, judgemental, dismissive, critical, intolerant, derisive, sarcastic, quick tempered, holds grudges, wishy-washy


APPEARANCE Sunny has pale skin, flowing black hair, and prominent eyes. She has a tattoo of a French saying on her right rib and a tattoo of the Ikigai diagram on her sternum, made by tattoo artist Park Ryujin. Her petite figure, slim yet curvy figure, and smooth skin hides the fact that she's halfway through her 30's. Perhaps it's her penchant for tea that has kept her looking youthful. She's got a pretty smile that only her close friends and loved ones get to see. Her style can be described as sophisticated and classy.

LIKES Tea, lattes, martial arts, slow dancing, vanilla and lavender, rainy days, sex, fresh linens, laundry days, fashion magazines, purple, black, green

DISLIKES smoking, drugs, strong perfumes, crocs, Tinder, unsafe sex, homophobes, misogynists, racists, dumb people in general

KINKS Vanilla, shibari/kinbaku, nyotaimori, power play, sensation play, service top, bondage, voyeurism, aftercare

LIMITS Spanking, age play, pet play, mummification, impact play, sensory deprivation, wax play, fisting, knife/gun/blood play, rape fantasy, scat play, fire play, torture


jacklee - friend, krscods - friend

ckang - friend, jaescott - adopted by heart, songt- student, ryujin - favorite tattoo artist, gunsoo - boyfriend

mjlee - bff, joeymorgan - student, pennyz - bff, kwonjunseo - boyfriend's bff, yurikang - dongsaeng, stellajones - friend, jungjinjee - favorite designer

cheolmin - favorite hairstylist and makeup artist

  • Born to traditionally conservative Chinese parents Jingyi and Zhou in Guangzhou, Xu Ri has a high IQ but has always felt inadequate. For one thing, she was born female and in her country, it meant that she was destined to a life of marrying and making children and nothing else.<.li>
  • As a child, Sunny learned ballet and piano, while her brother was forced to study martial arts. His hidden desire to dance and perform did not escape her. She knew that deep inside, Enlai wanted to do something else other than to inherit their father's position, but like her mother, she decided to keep her mouth shut about it.
  • When Enlai left for America for the exchange student program, Xu Ri was excited—both for him and for herself. For almost a year she was the sole receiver of her parents' attention and with constant persuasion her father finally allowed her to take Wushu and Karate classes.
  • Enlai came home later that year looking healthier and more confident than before but Xu Ri noticed that something has changed. For instance, her brother preferred to be called Eliot and his English improved by leaps and bounds. This inspired her to study the language by reading novels.
  • A few days after his 17th birthday, Xu Ri woke up with a letter on her bedside from Enlai. Her brother left for America, and he left for good. Her mother was inconsolable and her father created a cold front. He rarely showed up at home and she was left to cope with a sad mother whose only source of joy was her children. In an attempt to cheer her up, Xu Ri became more determined to finish middle and high school with exceptional grades. It made both parents proud to know that their child was indeed a gifted student. Somehow, it filled the hole that Enlai left when he severed ties with the family. She graduated high school with high honors and even scored a scholarship for college. Her father was reluctant to let her continue her education but her mother was so proud of her that she convinced Zhou to give their daughter a chance.
  • Hoping to inherit her father's position as the Triad's White Paper Fan (a financial and business advisor and administrator), Xu Ri took up Financial Management at South China University's Guangzhou campus and strengthened her communication skills by taking various foreign language and literature electives. Her bachelor's degree did not garner her a place in the Triad, however, because the patriarch of the family believed that Canton's organized crime unit was not a place for a young, bright woman like her. Xu Ri decided to gain some experience by becoming a financial advisor to various start-up tech companies in China. Her brother's letters encouraged her to test her luck in gaining the Triad's trust and eventually the position she wanted.
  • When Enlai came home to ask for forgiveness, he even went as far as to rationalize that Xu Ri was a better heir to the position than he could ever be. Zhou did not concede and declared instead that if Enlai continued to refuse the position, Xu Ri should be married to a suitable man instead. They made plans with a family from Korea with connections to the Triad's overseas branches. Her mother convinced her to give the young man from the other family a shot and when she met Gunsoo, she felt her whole life going to a halt. He wasn't such an awful choice. Xu Ri could have sworn she would be fine marrying the guy. But when they met for the first time Sunny saw in his eyes the truth that he was just as unwilling to get married as she was. When the gifts for the bride arrived, Xu Ri got a letter from Gunsoo's family announcing their refusal of the union.
  • The happiness she felt about the cancellation of the arranged marriage was short-lived. Her father blamed her for the failed arrangements and told her that she was a good-for-nothing daughter, that she would never be able to marry because of her attitude and her stupid attempts at trying to learn everything. Being a feminist, Xu Ri took matters into her own hands and decided that she has had enough of the cultural misogyny she grew up in. She made plans to study abroad with the help of her mother and got accepted into Harvard's master's program. A year later, she moved to Massachusetts, took up education so she could teach Chinese and other foreign languages, and then changed her name to Sunny Cheung.
  • She was reunited with Enlai—now known as Eliot Ramsay—when he accepted a teaching position at Gardner University. The siblings mended their relationship and made it a point to be a part of each other's lives. Eliot had been there to celebrate her milestones; He was the only family present during her graduation; He even helped Sunny when she moved in with her boyfriend. Eliot was also there to celebrate Sunny's first teaching job at a small foreign language institute. He came to witness Sunny decline a marriage proposal, helped her put the pieces back together, and even pulled some of his connections to get his sister a job at Gardner University despite his initial hesitation due to the nature of the school.
  • During her tenure at Gardner, Sunny found herself re-evaluating her life decisions, her relationships, and even her opinions on politics and sexuality. For someone so uptight and analytical, Sunny started letting circumstances guide her, even finding solace in the school's ownership system. She has yet to learn, however, how to keep her guard down and how to be more sensitive to people's feelings. Sunny's interest in teaching foreign languages slowly dissipated. She took up her friend Milo's advice to travel.
  • During her South Korea trip, she ran into a friend from Harvard who was a professor at Sungkyunkwan University's School of Business and he informed her of an open position in their faculty. Months later, Sunny packed her bags and flew to Seoul to starting anew.
    MOTHER Cheung Jingyi, Housewife
    FATHER Cheung Zhou, White Paper Fan (Administrator) of The Triad
    SIBLINGS Cheung Enlai/Eliot Ramsay, Dance Teacher at Gardner University
    SPOUSE Kang Gunsoo (dating)

    BIRTHPLACE Guangzhou, China
    2011-2013 Boston, MA
    2013-2018 Salem, MA
    CURRENTLY IN Seoul, South Korea

    Sunny's birth
    Enlai's departure to America; Start of Sunny's martial arts lessons
    Sunny's middle school to high school years
    Sunny's college years at South China Normal University (BF Financial Management)
    Sunny works as a financial adviser to a corporate company after her father refused to give relinquish the White Paper Fan position to her; Sunny's failed engagement to Gunsoo
    Enlai's return to Guangzhou; Sunny's departure from Guangzhou; Start of Sunny's Harvard scholarship
    Sunny's Harvard years; Sunny and Enlai's meeting at Boston, Massachusetts; Sunny's grad school graduation from Harvard University (MAEd Language and Literacy); Start of Sunny's part-time job at a language center; Sunny's teaching license examinations
    Start of Sunny's PhD studies at Harvard University; Sunny's failed marriage proposal; Start of Sunny's teaching at Gardner University
    Sunny's grad school graduation at Harvard University (PhD Business Economics); Jae's college graduation; Sunny's travel break
    Sunny's big move to South Korea; Start of Sunny's teaching stint at Sungkyugkwan University; Sunny and Gunsoo's second meeting
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