△ - Ongoing
▲ - Completed
◯ - Open
2017 - 2020
△ Bri, Sam, and Hani

The Deaf Server

Who: Brian, Sam, and Hani
Where: Chaekjjang Neighborhood Cafe
When: (Backdated) Spring, 2019
▲ Jack and Christian

Oversized Children

Who: Jack and Christian
Where: Christian's Apartment
When: 10/28, Evening
▲ Milo and Jae

#JaeLo and BBQ Chicken

Who: Milo and Jae
Where: Milo and Jae's Penthouse Apartment
When: 11/3, Afternoon/evening
▲ Joey, Christian, and Toby

A Reunion At The Dance Studio

Who: Joey with Christian (open to Toby or Jae?)
Where: Joey's Dance Studio
When: 11/11, Evening
▲ Jisoo and Milo

Check-ssang Catch-up

Who: Jisoo and Milo
Where: Check-ssang Cafe
When: 11/17, Afternoon
▲ Sunny and Ryu

Finding Ikigai

Who: Sunny and Ryu
Where: YOAP White House
When: 11/18, Afternoon
◯ Jisoo and All

P.S. I'm Back

Who: JiIoo, senny, and Everybody
Where: P.S. Cafe, Gangnam
When: 12/17, Afternoon
△ Suri and Junnie

This Is Where It All Started

Who: Suri and Junnie
Where: Junnie's Apartment
When: (Backdated) January, 2020
▲ Jack and Christian

New Year Surprise

Who: Jack and Christian
Where: Christian's Apartment
When: 1/1, A few hours after this
▲ Kwan and Suwon

Miss Me?

Who: Daekwan + Suwand Suw>Where: Suwon's Place
When: 1/7, Late evening
▲ Sunny and Gunsoo

3 Letters, 6 Etiquettes, and 1 Strong Yuanfen

Who: Sunny and Gunsoo
Where: Creative Zone, Central Library, Sungkyunkwan University
When: 1/9, Morning
◯ Suwon and All

Suwon's Birthday

Who: Open to anyone; invitations were sent out but walk-ins welcome
Where: Jeolmyohan Gallery, Samcheong-dong, Seoul
When: 1/12, Early evening
▲ Taejin and Jack

A Vogueish Statement

Who: Taejin and Jack
Where: Goguan Hanbok Photo Studio, Myeongdong
When: 1/13, Morning
▲ Kwan and Suwon

I Cut Myself

Who: Kwan and Suwon
Where: Suwon's Place
When: 1/18, Mid-day
▲ Kwan and Suwon

One Burgundy Rose

Who: Daekwan and Suwon
Where: Daekwan's Place
When: 1/22, Evening
◯ Chan, Kris, Jay and All

Paridaewang: The First Night

Who: Open to all invited VIPs; Invite was sent and posted on Gyeongsang VIP App
Where: Secret Location, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
When: 1/25, Evening
▲ Chan

The Fly On The Wall (Chan's Narrative)

Who: Chan
Where: Gyeongsang
When: 1/29, Evening
▲ Kwan, Kimmy, Misun

It's A Date

Who: Kwan, Kimmy, Misun
Where: Daekwan's Parents' House
When: 1/31, Evening
▲ Bri, Sam, Hani, Milo, and Jae

The Awkward Brunch

Who: Brian, Sam, Hani, Milo, and Jae
Where: Samlimji
When: 2/1, Morning
▲ Milo and Jae

After Brunch Pt.1

Who: Jaelo
Where: Their place
When: 2/1, After the boyfriend brunch
△ Sam, Bri, and Hani

After Brunch Pt.2

Who: Sam, Brian, Hani
Where: Wherever they ended because does anyone actually know?
When: 2/1, After the boyfriend brunch
△ Jisoo and Penny

Work From Home

Who: Jisoo and Penny
Where: Jisoo's House
When: 2/2, Morning
△ Sunny and Gunsoo

I'm Really Glad

Who: Sunny and Gunsoo
Where: Sunny's Apartment and Westin Chosun Hotel
When: 2/3, Evening
▲ Kyle and Kwangsu

A Mix-up At The Grocery Store

Who: Kyle and Kwangsu
Where: Market in Ilhwa-dong
When: 2/3, Early evening
▲ Kwan

Daekwan's Narrative

Who: Daekwan
Where: Daekwan's Job, the rough streets of Seoul and eventually his apartment
When: 2/5, Throughout the day
▲ Suwon

Suwon's Narrative

Who: Suwon
Where: His apartment and then kwan's apartment
When: 2/6, Early morning
▲ Jisoo

Brother On Call (Jisoo's Narrative)

Who: Jisoo
Where: His apartment, Kwan's apartment, SNU Hospital
When: 2/6, Early morning
▲ Kwan and Suwon

Dead Without You

Who: Daekwan and Suwon
Where: SNU Hospital, Kwan's room
When: 2/6, Early afternoon
▲ Kyle and Kwangsu

Take Five

Who: Kyle and Kwangsu
Where: (X)hibit Dance Studio, SNU Hospital
When: 2/10, During the day
△ Kyungie and Kris

Lost In Paridaewang

Who: Kyungsoo and Kris
Where: Paridaewang
When: 2/14, Evening
△ Jason and Izzy

On Therapies And Accidental Meetings

Who: Izzy and Jason
Where: Downtown Seoul
When: 2/18, Early afternoon
▲ Yuri and Lucas

Lunch At Hello Kitty Cafe

Who: Yuri and Lucas
Where: Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul
When: 2/18, 1PM
▲ Kyle and Kwangsu

18 Hours Later

Who: Kyle and Kwangsu
Where: Kwangsu's place
When: 2/18, After his 18 hour shift
△ Suri and Junnie

This Is Where It'll End

Who: Junnie and Suri
Where: By the Han River
When: 2/25, Early morning
△ Mickey and Ashe

Not Like Keats

Who: Mickey and Ashe
Where: Ashe's Place
When: 2/27, Afternoon
△ Kwan and Suwon

Who's The Boss?

Who: Kwan and Suwon
Where: Kwan's Place
When: 3/1, Early afternoon
△ JB and Kimmy

The New Vet

Who: JB and Kimmy
Where: Kimmy's Vet Clinic
When: 3/2, During the day
△ Friends Of Yuri

Lotte World Madness

Who: Yuri and Lucas; Mini and Hanibear; Sam, Brian and Hani; Kyle and Kwangsu
Where: Lotte World
When: 3/3, During the day
▲ Brian

Hero's Hero (Brian's Narrative)

Who: Brian and Hero (Brian's Maltese dog)
Where: Cheongdam-dong Park
When: 3/21, Morning
△ Suri and Jun


Who: Suri and Jun
Where: Jun's Apartment
When: 3/23, Afternoon
△ Quad

Rooney's Bad Dream

Who: Quad Squad
Where: Kenji's Apartment
When: 4/2, Middle of the night
△ Jaemie and Seunghyung

Two First Kisses

Who: Seunghyung and Jaemie/WonWon
Where: Jaemie's Apartment
When: 4/6, Evening
△ Kyungie and Dante

80% Chance

Who: Kyungie and Dante
Where: Near one of Jisoo's cafes
When: 4/8, Morning
◯ Jeno and All

The Gala At Wang Park Tower

Who: Park Jeno and Esteemed Guests
Where: Wang Park Tower, Seoul
When: 4/21, Evening
▲ Jack

The Hero And The Villain (Jack's Narrative)

Who: Jack
Where: Wang Park Tower
When: 4/22, Early morning
▲ Yuna

Heartless (Yuna's Narrative)

Who: Jack
Where: Wang Park Tower
When: 4/22, Early morning
▲ Christian

A Sad Song (Christian's Narrative)

Who: Christian
Where: Kimmy's Apartment
When: 4/29, Early morning
▲ Johnny

Bad News (Johnny's Narrative)

Who: Johnny
Where: Library
When: 5/10, Mid-morning
△ Kimmy, Jack, and Christian

Birthday Bundles

Who: Kimmy, Jack, and Christian
Where: Kimmy's apartment
When: 5/17, Morning
◯ Jaelo and all

Engagement At Sunset

Who: Jaelo + Everyone
Where: Namsan Harvest Restaurant
When: 5/25, Evening
◯ Drug Restaurant and all

Order Up

Who: Drug Restaurant and Family/Friends
Where: Lounge in Seoul
When: 5/26, Evening
△ Jack and Christian

The Healing Tree

Who: Jack and Christian
Where: Their apartment, Kimmy's apartment building, and Banyan Tree Seoul
When: 6/2, Evening
△ (X)Hibit, Suwon, and Kwangsu

X Marks The Spot

Who: (X)hibit, Suwon and Kwangsu
Where: Concert Arena, Seoul
When: 6/12, Evening
△ Chan and Jeanie

Let Me In

Who: Chan and Jeanie
Where: Jeanie’s office
When: 7/13, Evening